DIY Dual-Port Feeder Kit for Chicks 4 Large

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DIY  Dual-Port Feeder for Chicks or Bantam Chickens

Setting up your chick brooder to be perfect for your chicks is so much fun! With these DIY Dual-Port Feeders you can make it custom to your brooder set up in the size and shape that works best for you!

These Dual-Ports work best for chicks ages 4 weeks to 12 weeks old due to the size of the opening and the size of their heads! Many full sized chickens can not get their heads in due to the size of their combs.

Chicks Ages 4 weeks to 12 weeks old

4 Large Dual Feed Ports
8 Wingnuts
8 Screws
Installation Stencil

Install them on anything!

-Plastic food containers
-Corrugated plastic boxes
-Plastic buckets
-Cardboard boxes

The perfect solution for your set up your way!

Note: These feeder ports can be used for other small poultry as long as their shoulders are wider than the width of the port windows and their heads fit into the port.