Chicken Harness (Take 'em for a walk!)

Take that chicken for a walk!
Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!
Yes, ducks can be taken for a walk, too!
Silkie on a Harness Leash
Chicken Harness
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Have a pet chicken you'd like to take for a walk? Now you can! This chicken harness won the 2015 Global Pet Expo "Most Outrageous New Pet Products" award.We've sold ten thousand since then, and customers seem to love them.

Not everyone has a farm to let their chickens roam on, nor is everyone comfortable with free ranging their birds. This harness allows you to safely walk your beloved pet and give them a chance to explore. What a conversation starter! New feature: add on a coordinating leash for just $2.79 more.

Sizing Guideline

  • Bantam/Juvenile (XS): for your bantam and juvenile birds; 1 - 3 pounds, including bantam ducks.
  • Standard Hen (S) and Duck : for birds from 3 - 5.5 pounds, for instance Ameraucanas, Andalusians, Campines, Dominiques, Hamburgs, Leghorns, Polish, and Sultans. For ducks, recommended for Runners, Welsh Harlequins, Campbells and similar-size birds.
  • Rooster/Extra Large Hen/ large Duck (M): for birds more than 5.5 pounds, for instance Ameraucana, Barnevelders, Delawares, Faverolles, Marans, Plymouth Rocks, Rhode Island Reds, Sussex, Welsummers, Cochins, Jersey Giants, Orpingtons, and Wyandottes. For ducks, recommended for Pekin, Buff, Cayuga, Rouen, Swedish and Silver Appleyard breeds.

* Please note: Birds that are not typical of the breed, such as those either underweight or extra large, must be assessed for the correct size individually. The information above is intended as a helpful guideline only.

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