Chicken Tutu (So many colors & sizes!)

It's the Chicken Tutu!
Red and Green Tutu
Christmas Theme Chicken Tutu
It's the Chicken Tutu!
Gold Tutu
Tutu color choices
Tutu color choices
It's the Chicken Tutu!
It's the Chicken Tutu!
Tutti Fruti
Pink chicken tutu
Fall Colors
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If you think you've seen just about everything, guess again. We don't just keep chickens for eggs anymore. With our new chicken tutu, now your chickens can look as glamorous as they think they are.

Deck out your girls in one of these whimsical tutus.  They are designed with comfort in mind: soft, fabric-covered elastic straps secure the tutu under the wings so you don't have to worry about your hen getting her feet caught in the elastic.  Plenty of tulle gives the skirt fluffy fullness and a pretty grosgrain ribbon completes the princess look for your little fashionistas.

Chicken Tutus are available in two sizes: Bantam and Standard.

About the Seamstresses
Our Chicken Tutus are hand-sewn by the talented women of the Dominican Republic's Sewing My Future Cooperative. While we make every effort to ensure the fabric/pattern you purchase meets your expectations the actual color/pattern may vary somewhat based on availability at the time of purchase.

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