Pampered Poultry Feather Guard

Feather Protector Chicken Saddle
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Feather picking in your flock? An overly, ah hem, amorous rooster? You may want a saddle to protect your flock from aggressive feather picking from dominant birds, or to protect your hens from too much attention from the males. These new saddles come in a wide variety of colorful, fancy fabrics that will truly have your chickens feeling sunny side up!

This chicken saddle is handmade of cute, cheerful material to withstand a beating, to deflect picking from dominant flock members, and to protect submissive birds like Faverolles. The elastic straps fit securely around the birds' wings, and offer complete freedom of movement. It's always a good idea to have at least one saddle on hand for emergencies so if feather loss or an injury occurs, you can protect your chicken immediately. Simply slide the elastic straps around the joints of her wings and gently pull the feathers through. To clean, machine wash in cold water; dry flat. (Please note:  Some shrinkage may occur, but not enough to warrant ordering a smaller size.)

By the way -- while a saddle can be a lifesaver, literally!, we recommend you take steps to determine what is causing picking in your flock in the first place, so you can address the source of the problem, too. You won't want your flock having to wear saddles all the time.

Small: For most bantam chickens or small standard chickens (like Sultans or Polish). Breastbone to tail: 6-10".
Medium: For most egg layers. Breastbone to tail: 7-12"
Large: For large hens and roosters. Breastbone to tail: 8-14"

Sizing Guarantee
If the size you order doesn't fit your bird, just mail it back to us within 30 days, and we'll send you a new one for free.

About the Seamstresses
Handmade by the talented women of the Dominican Republic's Sewing My Future Cooperative, these fabric saddles will protect your hens from injury while providing a meaningful livelihood to the proud women who craft them.

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