Pulp Egg Carton - 2x6 Eggs

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Ah, the circle of life. Your backyard chickens, fed grasses, weeds, whatever bugs they can get their beaks on and the fabulous organic feed you give them, are now laying you so many tasty eggs that you need egg cartons. Put those eggs in something you can feel good about! These egg cartons, like all My Pet Chicken, are 100% recycled!
  • Each carton is actually 2 snap-apart cartons holding 6 eggs each (there is a small opening at the seam where the cartons split)  Certainly not enough to let the eggs out but, it is noticeable.
  • Accommodates all chicken egg sizes
  • Great shock-absorption
  • Holes in the top allow eggs to breathe
  • Made from recycled newspapers

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