10 lb Automatic Port Feeder (for chicks and adults!)

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Feed your chickens—not the ground! This no-waste, mess-free feeder is practically revolutionary for those of us who have been feeding our flocks the old fashioned way.

This innovative feeder solves all the problems of standard feeders. Birds can't spill their feed! The port design ensures it. Birds have to stick their heads in to eat. Lack of spillage not only keep the mess to a minimum, but will also save you big bucks in the long run. (They are also not able to poop in the feed, which leads to healthier chicks... which is another money-saver!)

Best of all, this chick is designed to scale from chicks all the way up to adults. Read on, below.

We highly recommend the No-Roost Cone, otherwise you will have rascals roosting and pooping on your lid.

  • Two "ports" designed for smaller flocks of up to four birds
  • Use on birds 1 week or older. (Little babies are small enough to climb into the feeder!)
  • Holds 10 lbs of pellets, crumbles or grain
  • Designed to be place in a corner
  • BPA-Free, food-grade plastic
  • Dimensions: 9" x 9" x 9"
  • Fully assembled. Just fill and feed!
For chicks age 1 week to 5 weeks: Locate the smaller port where they can access it, making sure that the larger-size port is backed up against a wall. They can and will get themselves caught inside the larger port, so make sure the chicks can't access it.

For birds age 5 weeks and up: Reposition your feeder so they can access both ports. They're now large enough (unless you've get Serama or Quail—use your judgment!) not to get caught in the smaller port, and big enough that they'll probably appreciate having access to feed in more than one place.

If and when you're ready to upgrade, take a look at our 20 lb port feeder and other products in our line of mess-free items!

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