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Brooder Bottle Cap™
Brooder Bottle Cap

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Say goodbye to cleaning up poopy water with the mess-free Brooder Bottle Cap. The caps, which fit any standard soda bottle, offer clean, fresh water to your baby chicks, and accustom them to a dripper waterer from the start. The caps also work perfectly well for adult chickens, and they're great to have on hand in case you need to isolate an injured or sick bird.

Fill a clean soda/pop bottle* with water. Securely fasten the Brooder Bottle Cap to the top of the bottle. Invert the unit and poke a small hole in the bottom of the bottle (the new "top" of your waterer). Please Note: It is important to poke a small hole in the bottom of your bottle. Failure to do so may result in improper water flow, or no flow from the bottle.

Hang your brooder bottle from the side of your brooder or cage at a comfortable height for your bird(s). To securely affix the bottle to the side of the cage, try a small bungee or wire (clothes hanger, picture hanger wire, fence wire, electrical wire etc.) Make sure that your bottle is far enough away from your heat source, to keep the bottle from melting or the water from getting hot. If you have chicks of different sizes, set the dripper for the highest bird and provide a step up for the smaller ones ensuring it does not hinder accessto the larger birds. Better yet, buy two and suspend them at different heights!

Training is easy... Place a small container under your dripper head. Show the birds how it works by poking "in" the dripper to allow water to flow out. You might accomplish the same thing by using a rubber band to keep the dripper open--just remember to keep a close eye on the water level. Your birds will quickly learn how to access their new water source. Ensure that all birds are properly drinking from the dripper.

(Please note: colors may differ.)

* 12oz, 16oz, 20oz or 2L. We recommend using a clear bottle to help you keep an eye on your water level!

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