Chicken Fountain "Mega" (For 40+ birds)

The Chicken Fountain "Mega"
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No more poop and bedding in your waterer, no more lugging heavy containers around the yard, no more scrubbing--and no more guilt when you find your chickens are out of water. Hook this unit right up to a garden hose and you're done!

The smart design on this nipple waterer, with a reservoir of just two gallons, means water turns at a much higher rate than standard fountains--keeping water cleaner and fresher for your flock. The tubing is made of high-impact PVC that won't degrade even in direct sun, and the water line is braided stainless steel. Your purchase comes with plastic hangers and screws for you to mount this waterer to the surface of your choice.

This waterer comes with ten drippers, plenty to accommodate forty or so chickens.

They also have a patent-pending water supply system that allows you to hook them to a hose, but doesn't keep the nipples under constant hose pressure. Instead it acts as a valve to detect when the reservoir is low and then allows the water to fill the vertical reservoir. Since the nipples are not under constant pressure, that means you can easily insert additives (cider vinegar, medicine, etc.) to the water if desired.

Dimensions: 4.5" deep by 64" long by 13" high. Made in the USA!