Medium Flock Feeder/Waterer Combo

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This medium flock chicken feeder and waterer kit, designed for up to 12 chickens, is a great value. Save big over buying these items separately!

The Basic Poultry Drinker is one of our most popular waterers. It's easy to fill, super easy to take apart and clean, and at 3.5 gallons, it'll serve a flock up to 12 chickens nicely.

The Plastic Hanging Feeder holds ten pounds of feed, and is made of highly durable, easy-to-clean plastic. The special, slatted design of the base is time-proven to help prevent birds from scratching out feed, and the open top is designed for quick, efficient filling.

Add on some dried mealworms for an additional savings! Mealworms are our #1 best-selling treat for chickens. These 100% natural, dried mealworms do not need to be refrigerated and they are higher in protein than live mealworms. Give straight from your hand or scatter on the ground.  This is a treat that your chickens will absolutely love.

3.5 Gallon waterer: 14.25" x 14.25" x 16" high
10 lb Feeder: 11.75" wide x 13.5" high
2 cup Feed Scoop: 12"x4"x3"

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