Waste-Free Chicken Bucket Feeder, Dual Port, Holds 20lbs

Dual Port, Center Feeder
Dual Port, Corner Feeder
Corner Feeder
Corner Feeder
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Center Feeder
Waste Free Bucket Feeder
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Feed your chickens---not the ground! This "no-waste" and no-mess feeder has two feeding ports and is ideal for 4-6 chickens, six weeks or older, or really for fowl of any kind! (Little chicks are small enough to climb into the feeder and you certainly don't want that!)

With regular trough or hopper feeders, chickens can "beak out" feed, looking for choice morsels. Sometimes they may even jump up, feet in the food bin, and scratch feed out onto the ground. With those regular feeders, chickens can waste as much as they eat, or more! 

This "no waste" feeder that puts an end to all that; chickens have to stick their heads inside the feeder to eat. They're unable to beak out, and there's not enough room to stand and scratch.

This feeder comes in two models, a "Corner" model, with the ports on adjacent sides, designed to be tucked into a corner, and a "Center" model, with the ports on opposite sides, that you might place in the center of the coop. As a bonus, this feeder (either style) is also appropriate to place outside in the run or the yard, without worrying that rain will ruin the feed. The rain hood stands out a good 2" from the bucket.

  • Two "no-waste" feeding ports
  • Two styles: Corner port or Center port
  • Sized for 4-6 chickens, six weeks or older
  • Holds 20 lbs of pellets, crumbles, or grain.
  • Rain hood included for use if desired
  • BPA-free, food-grade plastic
  • Dimensions: 13.5"x12"x10"
  • Inner diameter of the feeding port is 3.5 inches.
  • Weight 2.25 lbs
  • Fully assembled. Simply fill and feed!

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