Chicken Egg-cessory Bag (color options)

Chicken Print Cosmetic Bags
Floral print

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Life is just plain better with chickens. Now there's a great way to have a flock indoors, with these extra large, chicken-themed cosmetic bags. Fit all the most important necessities in your bag, from your hairbrush, to shampoo, conditioner and lotions.

Check out the lovely "Roos and Roses" print with something of an English Country feel, the bright blue "Colorful Hens" print, and the "Floral" print if your chicken friend is also a gardener -- or you want to gift multiple bags but don't want to overdo the chicken-ness. (As if.)

Heck, you might just want to buy a few--one for you and one for that special someone that encourages your obsession!

Size: 4.5" x 7.5" x 10.5"
Material: Smooth, shiny PVC exterior with a backing woven from polyester fibers.