Hen Pouch™ Hands-Free Egg Collection

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The very cool Hen Pouch™ is made for you backyard chicken peeps. Upgrade your egg basket with this hands-free carrying system, good for up to 18 eggs.

Hands free you can collect eggs, carry you cell phone, or even tote an extra bottle of water. Each pouch holds up to 6 eggs. Talk about quality of life! With this pouch there's no more gooey messes from storing and forgetting you stored an egg or two in your jacket pocket. (Admit it—it's happened more often than you care to recall!)

The Hen Pouch is uniquely fashioned to protect eggs from bouncing and allows for smooth swaying with your hip while walking, moving and caring for your flock. Hen Pouches are available in black or red, and include a durable one-inch adjustable belt with quick release buckles.

Made of durable, water resistant nylon fabric, the Hen Pouch is easy to rinse, wipe clean, or to throw in the washing machine.

Pouch: 13" wide, 11 3/4" long
Pockets: each is 4"wide x 4" high x 6" deep
Belt: max 56" long