Unisex Chicken Leg Knee-High Socks

Chicken Feet Socks!! They're here!
Chicken Feet Socks!! They're here!
Chicken Feet Socks!! They're here!

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"You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view, until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it." – Harper Lee

Okay, we can never really understand what it's like to be a chicken -- but wearing chicken leg socks might just be the next closest thing! Yes, they're wacky -- but what chicken person do you know who isn't a little wacky? These one-of-a-kind conversation starters are sure to please any chickenista.

Wear them with a cute skirt; sport them on a jog or hike; show your boxmates your awesome WOD skills; embrace those "chicken legs"! Woven with premium durability and top of the line stretchability, designed to stand up to any kind of workout.

  • Performance Talon Support
  • Avian Wing Cushion
  • Perfect gift for those of us without big calves!
These are Unisex Adult size:
Men's shoe size 4-13
Women's shoe size 6-14

Machine washable. Made of 85% cotton, 7% spandex, 7% nylon. Socks are 14.5" high.