Happy Hen Treats Pop 'n' Cluck (2 Corn Cob Treats)

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Winter may be over or just around the corner but regardless of the time of year, your peeps need boredom busters! What could be better than popped corn? Or even unpopped kernels? You heard it, Pop 'n' Cluck corn is for the birds. Your chickens will find this corn delicious no matter how you serve it.

Feeding Directions:
Pop the kernels on the cob in your microwave or serve the corn cobs as is to your flock.

Popping Directions:
Place a single cob in a microwave-proof dish and heat on high for 15 seconds. If necessary, repeat until corn has popped.  Not all of the kernels will pop. Do not microwave more than 2 minutes. Let the corn cool for at least 30 minutes before feeding it to your chickens. 

Ingredients: Corn


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