Maxi II Advance Incubator Classroom Pack

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The Maxi II Advance Classroom Pack includes:
  • Maxi II Advance Incubator
  • Ovascope Egg Scope
  • Ecoglow 20 Chick Brooder with Enclosure Panels
  • Egg Story Lesson Plan
  • Feeder
  • Waterer
  • Disinfectant

The Maxi II Advance incubator holds 14 hens’ eggs, and has many automated features, including a programmable automatic egg turner and fully digital controls. The humidity is managed manually, but there is a digital humidity display and exterior fill to make it easy. Read more details about the Maxi II Advance

The OvaScope Egg Scope allows you to view the developing embryo inside the egg. This egg candler can be fitted with a webcam and is ideal for demonstration purposes in the classroom. Read more about the Ovascope.

The EcoGlow 20 Chick Brooder Heateris ideal for up to 20 chicks. It only uses 18 watts to heat its under surface and keep your chicks warm. With the classroom pack, you also receive a set of 8 enclosure panels to contain your chicks. Ecoglow 20 chick brooder heater

The Egg Story Lesson Plan manual is on CD-ROM. It explains the entire process of hatching eggs with day by day color pictures of developing and hatching chickens. It shows how an egg is formed, what its different parts and functions are and how a chick embryo develops and hatches. It also gives insight into biological topics such as blood circulation, respiration and bones. Particularly suited to elementary and middle school students, the lesson plans are flexible and can easily be tailored to younger students needs.

The Feeder and Waterer are one quart size and made of tough and sturdy polypropylene.

The Incubator Disinfectant may be used to sanitize your equipment. It is safe and effective against yeasts, fungi, viruses and bacteria which can cause fatal damage to the growing embryo.

*Do not purchase hatching eggs until you have received the incubator and have set it up.

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