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What is Coops for Troops?
The proceeds for TeamPokey Coffee are earmarked for Coops for Troops, which provides therapy chickens, a coop, and a starter pack of supplies to veterans and military families who may be struggling with isolation, depression, anxiety or PTSD, post traumatic stress disorder. We thank you for your support of Pokey and your support of our military men and women and their families who have served this great country of ours!

Does the coffee make the grade?
Well, we love it! Team Pokey Coffee is well balanced and aromatic with just a hint of chocolate tones. It's a medium roast--not too dark, and not too light, perfect to enjoy any time of the day. And each sip you take will be all the sweeter, knowing you've supported this worthwhile cause.

The more you buy, the more you save
Buying more than one bag at a clip gets you a discount, too! Each additional bag beyond the first costs only $11, and shipping on each additional bag is only $2.50 more. Whether you purchase one bag or 10, though, you're still supporting a wonderful cause!

Who is this Pokey?
If you don't know, you clearly haven't watched Coop Dreams! It's a hilarious, educational reality TV show around one family's quest to start their own homestead. Pokey is the miracle hen who disappeared for 20 days, only to be discovered trapped between bales of hay in the barn. Dehydrated and malnourished, the vet gave her less than a 50/50 chance to survive.  The trauma to her people family was felt by the fans of Coop Dreams who followed the updates on their Facebook page, hoping against hope that she was alive.  Her story of strength, hope and recovery inspired many, so we felt she was a fitting symbol for the "Coops For Troops" movement.

Orders Ship Priority Mail
Your Coops For Troops coffee ships via USPS Priority Mail, and packages are typically are sent out within one business day, which means you should get your order in 3-4 days!

Dimensions: 3" x 6" x 2.5"
Weight: 12 oz.

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