Lead Test Kit (5 tests )

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Discontinued 2/14/20

If you're worried about lead in your soil, use this simple test kit! (Why worry about lead? Your chickens could be eating it--and you could, too, every time you eat your eggs.) Especially if you live in a historic home or in an urban area, lead concentrations are likely to be higher. If you have a particularly large yard and you want to test multiple locations, this is the kit for you.

All tests are conducted using EPA-approved methods and meet all EPA, state, and certification agencies' requirements. Simply collect your sample per the included instructions, and ship it to the lab in the original sample box. The analysis fee is included in the kit purchase price; there are no hidden fees. An analytical report is sent within five business days of receipt of the sample.

(This kit even works for testing paint or dust, too!)

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