Organic Developer Feed, 50lb, Ships Free Western US

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We've found a great organic, medication-free developer feed, priced for our customers in the western half of the US! Shipped right to your door via UPS, our Organic Developer/Finisher Feed is certified organic and specifically formulated for the needs of adolescents from 6 to 15 weeks old.

Shipping is included with the purchase of this item for our customers in the Western US.  For our Eastern US customers, there is an additional charge, so we recommend you choose this feed shipping from the East, which will be most cost-effective.

If you are a resident of Hawaii or Alaska, please select our 10lb size. The larger sizes can't be shipped to AK or HI. Feed ships via UPS Ground; expedited shipping is not possible.

Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Protein:  Min 17%
Crude Fat:  Min 2.9%
Crude Fiber:  Max 4.1%
Ash:  Max 7.6%

Organic corn, organic soybean meal, organic peas,  organic wheat, organic stabilized rice bran, ground limestone,  organic flaxseed, Redmond conditioner (clay), monocalcium phosphate, organic kelp meal, Redmond salt, diatomaceous earth,Zeolite, DL-Methionine, poultry vitamin & mineral premix, garlic granules, organic horseradish powder, organic star anise oil, organic juniper berry oil 

Organic Feed ingredients sometimes change and may not exactly match the ingredients that we have listed on our website.  We do our best to update our website regularly.  However, we are confident that our USDA Certified Organic feed will satisfy discerning chickenistas.  The ingredients, approved by an Agronomist, are developed to provide an optimal formulation for the health of your chickens.

What to know about shipping:
*We only ship to the Continental U.S.*  Expedited shipping is not available.