Organic Scratch, 25lb, Ships Free

Organic Scratch
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We're thrilled to offer organic, medication-free scratch because it is SO hard to find!

Remember, scratch is a treat, to be offered like a "dessert" only. There's a reason some call it "chicken crack" -- your flock will go absolutely bonkers for it, in the same way we might go bonkers for ice cream or cinnamon buns. But you wouldn't eat ice cream for every meal, and nor should your hens regularly feast on scratch. Throw them a few handfuls now and again, however, and you'll be BFFs.

Shipping is included with the purchase of this item. Ground shipping; expedited shipping is not possible. If you are a resident of Hawaii or Alaska, please select our 10lb size. We only ship to the Continental U.S.

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein: Min 7.0%
Crude Fat: Min
Crude Fiber: Max 2.0%

100% organic grains

Organic Feed ingredients sometimes change and may not exactly match the ingredients that we have listed on our website.  We do our best to update our website regularly.  However, we are confident that our USDA Certified Organic feed includes the finest ingredients.  The ingredients, approved by an Agronomist, are developed to provide an optimal formulation for the health of your chickens.

*We only ship to the Continental U.S.*