Formex Snap Lock Standard Chicken Coop (Up to 4 chickens)

Snap Lock Coop w/droppings tray open
Snap Lock Coop w/front vent open
Snap Lock Coop in yard
Snap Lock Coop - rear nest box
Snap Lock Coop w/front vent closed
Snap Lock Coop - inside view
Snap Lock Coop - nest box lid open
Snap Lock Coop - inside nest box
Snap Lock Coop - droppings tray open
Pull-out droppings tray
Snap Lock Coop - rear
Snap Lock Coop - on platform
Dimensions: Formex Snap Lock Coop
4 chickens fit on the roost
Formex coop interior view

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Why pay more? The Snap Lock chicken coop is a clever, weather-resistant, easy-to-clean chicken coop that'll keep your hens safe from pernicious predators . Plus, it assembles in minutes, with only a screwdriver needed at the very end.

We've had our Snap-Lock plastic chicken coop on our farm for about ten years, and it's in pristine condition, just like the day we got it! Please see below for more details on this awesome, Made in America chicken coop.

This coop is also compatible with the NEW Formex Snap Lock Stand & Stair Kit, Run Kit and Run Expansion Kit.

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If you ordered the compatible Auto Solar Coop Door Opener for this coop, please note that it will be shipping separately. We will send your tracking number by email as soon as it ships, or you can look for it in the My Account area of our website.


Product Features:

Snap Lock Coop at a Glance

  • Chicken Coop Dimensions: 42" x 39" x 29" (When the lid is fully open it adds an addiontal 12" to the height)
  • Chicken Door Dimensions: 12" x 12"
  • Bird Capacity: 4 Standard; 5-6 Bantam
  • Nest Boxes: 3
  • Total Roosting Space: 35"
  • Adjustable Vents: 2
  • Slide Out Waste Cleanup Mat: High Density 100% UV resistant Polyethylene plastic, extends an additional 25.5" when pulled out
  • Exterior Colors: Tan walls, Grey Roof
  • Wall, Floor and Roof Material: Lightweight double-walled Polyethylene
  • Assembled Weight: 40 lbs.
  • Shipping Weight: 45 lbs.
  • Shipping Dimensions: 42" x 26" x 14" box
  • Warranty: One year from manufacturer for manufacturing defects

It's been your dream for some time now to keep a few hens in your backyard, but you're concerned about aesthetics. You have that fussy neighbor who brings out a ruler to measure your lawn on a regular basis and don't necessarily want to draw their attention to the presence of a small chicken flock. So what's your answer? This coop may just be it!

Cleverly designed, it resembles one of the kid's playhouses you often see in backyards, and as such is quite inconspicuous. But make no mistake: this coop means business!

Made in the U.S.A. to be Incredibly Durable

The Formex Snap-Lock chicken coop is designed and made in the USA! It's extruded from a heavy duty double-walled polyethylene plastic that withstands impact, weather, chemicals, and UV rays. Just take a look at the reviews and you'll see that customers like this coop so well, they end up purchasing more when chicken math gets them in trouble. And its maintenance-free design will allow you to focus on the best aspects of owning a small flock: tuning into "The Chicken Channel" and gathering delicious eggs.

Easy to Clean

Clean-up is a breeze with the removable sliding litter tray. The tray, like the rest of the coop, is made from high density 100% UV resistant polyethylene, and spans the floor of your coop up to the nest boxes. Its depth holds the litter and catch droppings. A removable access wall allows you to slide it out and dispose of the litter — put it on your compost pile to make some great fertilizer! Then simply hose down the tray and replace it in the coop and add more fresh litter shavings.

Adjustable Ventilation

Your birds will appreciate the incrementally adjustable vents located on both the front and rear peaks of the roof — allowing air to flow freely on warm days, and to minimize the cold during wintertime. The topmost vent on each will always remain open in order to insure healthy air-flow and minimize ammonia buildup. Even in cold weather, it is not necessary nor advisable to completely close the vents. The insulating double-wall construction will help to insure your birds warmth and safety on chilly nights. Plenty of cuddle space is available to them on the 35" long 2' x 2' wood roost, featuring rounded edges.

Protection Against Predators

The Snap Lock Chicken Coop is built to withstand attempts by wily predators to break in and get to your birds. Safety hasps on the roof lid and the wall that you remove to access the litter tray and inside of the coop are secured with provided carabiners. The 12" wide front and back doors feature a gravity latch that is also secured with a carabiner. All hardware is zinc plated steel, designed for outdoor use, and comes attached to the panels. Four carabiners are provided for use with the coop.

Add On an Automatic, Solar Powered Door!

We have an automatic door option made just for your Snap Lock Chicken Coop! It's rugged, solar powered, made from the highest quality materials, and easy to install. Light sensors trigger opening and closing times, or you can tweak and override manually, if you desire. Learn more about the custom automatic door.

Add On a Coop Stand & Stair Kit - OR Build Your Own Stand!

New feature! We now offer an add-on Coop Stand & Stair Kit option. These panels easily snap together to create a sturdy stand and set of stairs so that your Formex Coop can be elevated off the ground. Hardware cloth is not included with this kit but is easy peasy to install yourself using zip ties in the predrilled holes. Dimensions: 42" x 71" x 22"

Lots of folks like to build their own stands to raise this coop off the ground. Since this seemed to be so popular, the manufacturer went ahead and designed a plan for a stand, free of charge! It works with both the large and original size Snap Lock Coops. Download yours!

Shipping & Assembly

This American-made coop is shipped in a flat-packed box, and you simply snap the durable, lightweight panels together, snap those to the base, and attach the roof panels. Then you insert the interior features and add your chickens! The only tool you'll need is a screwdriver with which to secure the roosting poles. (This is accomplished from the outside of the coop, with the provided screws.)

Please call in your order if you are in Hawaii or Alaska, as shipment will cost $198 more. (Sorry!)

Product Returns

If your coop has been significantly damaged in shipment, please report the damages to us within 48 hours of arrival if at all possible. We ask that you send pictures of the damage so we can best determine the next steps to be taken.

If you cancel your order before the coop leaves our warehouse, we'll refund you all but a $5 cancellation fee.

If you've changed your mind after your coop has shipped, you may return your new, unused, and unassembled coop with packaging intact in the original box, within 30 days of receipt. You will receive a full refund, minus your cost to send it back to us as well as a restocking fee of up to 20%. Just notify us and we'll provide return instructions. Once we have received and approved your items for resale, we'll promptly issue a refund.

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