48"x164' All-In-One AC or Solar Powered Electrified Predator Netting

Solar Electric Poultry Netting
Energizer kit
Solar kit

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Let your flock hit the pasture, free range style, but with the added protection of 48' high, movable electric fencing! Best of all, your purchase includes a solar-powered charger so you don't have to worry about batteries running out. No assembly required! Give your flock new pasture every day with this simple-to-move netting. Your purchase ships rolled into a bundle, ready to be unrolled and easily put up. Ground stakes and rope for guy-line are included in the package. Setup should only take 15 minutes. 

Purchase options to choose from:
  • 48" x 164' Electric Poultry Netting
  • or the netting with the HKS200B Solar Energizer
  • or the netting with the HKS550 A/C Energizer
  • Includes 16 preinstalled fiberglass posts with heavy-duty 6” galvanized double-spiked stakes designed to provide rigid support in any environment.
  • The mesh is composed of 12 horizontal strands – 11 of which are conductive – with vertical struts evenly spaced every 3”. Smaller openings at the bottom keep small chicks from squeezing through the net.

  • All-in-one HKS200B solar energizer
  • Energizer requires minimal sunlight hours to keep the battery at or near full charge
  • Rechargeable internal sealed 6V, 4 Ah battery included
  • Operational indicator light located on the rear of energizer
  • Microprocessor technology adjusts the output energy depending on the battery condition
  • HKS550 AC Energizer
  • Easy on/off switch
  • AC (plugs into a wall or generator)
  • Great for the farm or the backyard!
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