1/4" Hardware Cloth Wire Fence, 100', 23 gauge

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This is some special hardware cloth! It's the only quarter-inch material we have in our catalog, and with a weave size that small, it'll keep all but insects away from your flock. The 100' length makes it a great value, too! While 23 gauge wire is a lighter-weight material than the other hardware cloth (the lower the gauge number, the greater the thickness/strength), due to both the very small opening size and the special galvanizing process (our manufacturer has hot dipped the mesh wire in a zinc coating approximately five times!), the resulting product is both flexible and long-lasting.

If you are concerned about strong predators in addition to rodents, snakes, and other small pests, consider pairing this material with our extra-strong 16 gauge, galvanized 1" x 1/2" material, or even our 16 gauge, 1" x 1" PVC-coated material. You'll have a virtual Fort Knox on your hands.

(Don't forget to dig a trench and bury the fence 10-12" to protect against burrowing predators and rodents!)

*Please note: There is a 15% re-stock fee if product is returned.  Refund will be for product only, minus the 15% fee.  Shipping is non-refundable. Shipment of netting and wire is limited to the 48 contiguous states. We cannot ship this product to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or other U.S. territories.

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