Easy Clean Chicken Coop--Cube Run

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These Cubed Runs are created especially for the owners of the Easy Clean Chicken Coop! You can purchase as many as you want! These runs come with a covered top, preventing predators to climb over. We do though, suggest that you line the run perimeter with 12" pavers or hardware mesh to prevent predators from digging under the run sides.

We are selling these individual cubes so that they will come off of the front of the Easy Clean Chicken Coop (where the little chicken door is) and link together in one straight line. If you would like several to attach in a different configuration, as pictured in one of the photos above, please make a note in the "order notes" field during the checkout process. We will call you prior to building your runs to make sure we configure it just how you want it.

Each Cubed Run is 25" tall x 43" long x 36" wide (where the run butts up to the coop), and is reinforced with attractive white pickets. They link together with hooks for easy removal and cleaning.

Shipping Dimensions
One Single Run: 39 lbs, One Box: 44"x 12"x 12"

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