"Chicken Salad" Seed Mix (non-GMO)

MPC's Chicken Salad Seed Mix
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Our seed kit is for those of you who love to spoil your flock: the greens are ones chickens especially love to eat! All seeds are non-GMO, and we've sourced, printed and packaged in the USA. Sowing instructions are printed on the back; sow the seeds in the spring, summer or fall in a 9 ' x 9' plot and, 4 to 8 weeks later, let your flock loose on them! You might also plant them in containers and clip the greens for your flock, or making a raised bed for your chicken run to plant them in. (This last option will protect the roots and stems so your flock can enjoy their greens several times over.)

Contains: Broccoli Waltham, Purple Top Turnip, Bracco White Mustard, Forage Kale, Ladino Clover.

(Please note the expiration date states December 2013, but the seeds are still perfectly viable! We just test-sprouted them to be sure.)

Net Weight .5 oz

See it being planted at Martha Stewart's farm.
See it planted, grown and enjoyed at the Fresh Eggs Daily blog.

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