Chicken Treat Ball - Add Your Leftover Greens!

Chicken Treat Ball
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Don't be fooled by cheaper lookalikes! This treat ball offers a fun and healthy way to treat your pet chickens. It gives your friends a challenge and helps to prevents boredom (and boredom can often lead to picking). It's perfect for feeding pieces of cabbage, kale and other fresh greens and fruits.

To use, hang the ball from the side of your run, or in any other convenient place. We recommend you position it far enough above your hens' heads that they have to "work" for it. The small bell at the bottom of the ball chimes lightly as your chickens snack on the delectable treats. The clip is compatible with virtually any cage. 

They'll pluck up the courage after a few days. Sometimes it can take a few days for your flock to learn that the ball is full of delicious treats, especially when the flock is confined in a nice, safe coop and yard. To help them exercise their natural curiosity, and abandon their caution, we suggest filling the ball with shredded veggies like carrots and cabbage leaving small bits hanging out of the gaps so the bravest birds get a quick reward for taking a peck. The others will quickly follow once they see the leader get a reward – no chicken wants to be left out when it comes to treats!

To clean the ball, just spray it out with a high pressure nozzle on a garden hose.

Here is a video of chickens eating strawberries out of the treat ball:

4" diameter.