Chunky Chicken Caviar, 11 oz.

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11/20/18, manufacturer has discontinued making this product.

We don't often rave about our products, but this one warrants it. We tried it on our own flocks, and within a week of use, even the skittish birds that didn't want anything to do with us were running right up for a chance to get their beaks on this yummy treat.

Even better: it's super healthy. You won't find any "fillers" or empty calories-- just the highest-quality ingredients. This will show in the brightness of their combs and the quality and quantity of their eggs. (Sure, chickens love the empty calories in sugar just as much as we "peeps" do, but if you give them too much, they'll suffer nutritional deficiencies -- and many of the chicken treat products on the market are full of it! You never have to worry about giving your chickens too much of our Chunky Chicken Caviar.)

Why it's Unique
Chunky Chicken Caviar is unlike anything else on the market. Beef kidney suet makes it fatty, which means it's a terrific supplement to your flock's everyday diet. (Chickens are omnivores, remember, and love to eat any bugs, small rodents or animals they can get their beaks on!) Each pound contains approximately 5600 vegetarian-fed insects (PDF: why the ones we use are way healthier than mealworms), as well as other beneficial ingredients like corn, wheat, alfalfa, flax, kelp and spirulina. Ingredients were chosen for their nutritive value; they're all-natural and made in the USA! 

When to Use it
If you have a standoffish or skittish flock, bring some out every day: in less than a week, they'll be a LOT more friendly. Use it in times of illness or stress, too; the high-quality ingredients and fattiness will help their systems to recover. It's also a wonderful product for the winter, when the extra fat will help insulate them against the cold.

The product is slightly aromatic, shall we say, so we recommend keeping it in a sealed container.

How to Introduce it
Break off a little at a time and add it to your flock's feed for a few days. They might not jump on it right away because it's very green due to the kelp and spirulina. Once they're accustomed to their new snack, they'll go bonkers for it, so you can offer it in large pieces or small.

Musca Domestica (insect), non-GMO corn, non-GMO wheat, rendered beef kidney suet, alfalfa, flax,  Kelp, Spirulina, oyster shell flour, and mixed organic tocopherols (for preservation).

Protein:  min 11%
Fat: min 38%
Fiber: max 8%

Net weight: 11 oz
A little goes a long way!
*We only ship to the Continental U.S.*

Add on a handy basket to hang your Chunky Chicken Caviar--or for any other kitchen scraps or treats! Suspend from your coop or run and watch the chickens have a ball trying to get at the treats.

For added boredom-prevention, hang it at a height that requires your chickens to jump for a bit of treat!

Dimensions: 5" x 5" x 2"