Kelp and Bug Crunchy Trail Mix (5 lb, non-GMO)

Kelp & Bug Crunchy Trail Mix for chickens!
Kelp and Bug Crunchy Trail Mix

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Are you looking for a healthy, 100% made in the USA, non-GMO treat to offer your flock? It's here! We've designed this product to meet your high standards, to truly nourish your flock with micronutrients, and to be maximally beak-smacking tasty, too. You won't find it anywhere else: it's made exclusively for My Pet Chicken. (PDF: why the insects we use are way healthier than mealworms)

Spread a handful on the ground, here and there, or offer to your flock right from the palm of your hand! (Think of it like a dessert. Don't overdo it!  A little goes a long way.) Not for human consumption, of course!

Non-GMO Corn, rendered beef kidney suet, modified Musca domestica pupae casings, whole dried Musca domestica pupae, kelp, spirulina, powdered oyster shell.

Protein: 12% min
Fat: 7% min
Fiber: 9% max


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