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Feed Scoop, 2 cups

Feed Scoop, 2 cups

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Q: At what age can my chickens begin eating treats?
A: We don't really recommend feeding your new baby chicks treats right away, because they should first learn what their feed is so they will be able to... read more

Q: What treats taste best to chickens?
A: Chickens LOVE treats, and they have their own individual tastes and preferences, of course. But we hate to break it to you: they have almost no taste... read more

Q: What is a pasty vent, and how do I treat it?
A: A pasty vent, or "pasting up," "pasty butt," or "vent gleet," is a stress-induced condition in which droppings dry and cake up around the read more

Q: Are there any plants that are poisonous to chickens that I should eliminate from my yard?

Naturally, some plants are poisonous to chickens, just as there are plants that are poisonous to other pets like cats and dogs. It's problematic... read more

Q: What is vent gleet and how can I treat my chickens that have it?

A: In baby chicks, read more

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