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Day-Old-Chicks: Egyptian Fayoumi

Day-Old-Chicks: Egyptian Fayoumi

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Q: My chickens are 7 months old and I still haven't seen an egg. Why?
A: First, you should make sure they are on a good chicken feed. Once they have begun laying, switch to layer pellet or crumble; until then, feed them... read more

Q: Which chicken breeds may need extra heat in winter?
A: Chickens are incredibly adaptable! They are kept all over the world in all kinds of extreme climates. But it's no secret that some breeds are hardier... read more

Q: How much does it cost to feed a chicken?
A: A basic estimate is that chickens will eat 1/4 pound per day per chicken. However, that estimate is based on the conditions commercial layers face in... read more