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Hatching-Eggs: Rhode Island Red

Hatching-Eggs: Rhode Island Red

Limited Availability
Day-Old-Chicks: Rhode Island Red

Day-Old-Chicks: Rhode Island Red

Limited Availability
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Q: What breed of chicken lays double yolked eggs?
A: There is no one special breed that lays double yolkers. Occasionally a hen may lay a double yolker when her ovaries release two yolks at once, rather... read more

Q: Why aren't my three month old chickens interested in their nests, yet?
A: Your chickens will probably not be interested in the nesting boxes until it is time to lay---and even then, it may take them a while before they... read more

Q: What is a setter and what is a non-setter in chickens?
A: A setter is a hen who will hatch her eggs. A non-setter is a hen who will not hatch eggs.

The vast majority of chicken breeds will...
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Q: All about VVD disease
A: VVD disease produces twisted leg bones due to nutritional deficiencies or overly-fast weight gain in "broiler" breeds. Thankfully this is rare in... read more

Q: Chicken age: how can I tell?
A: If you bought or acquired adult chickens somewhere else and I want to know how old they are, we have some bad news about chicken age. It is very... read more

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