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From addled to wind egg, crossed beak to zygote, the terminology of everything chicken is demystified in The Chicken Encyclopedia, a comprehensive A-to-Z reference volume presented in a friendly, highly illustrated format. Chickophiles will find breed descriptions; definitions of the most common conditions, situations, characteristics, and behaviors of chickens; and much more. Whether it’s the difference between wry tail, split tail, and gamy tail; the meaning of hen feathered, forced molt, or quill feather; the characteristics of droopy wing; the content of granite grit; or the translation of a chicken’s alarm call, here are all the answers to every chicken question and quandary, from the practical to the curious.

Author: Gail Damerow
Pages: 320
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Storey Publishing
Publish Date: January, 2012
Dimensions: 9" x 7" x 1"; 1.4 pounds

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