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This is the same line of waterers we use for our own flock! The 7 gallon size is large enough for about twenty or more chickens. Consider the smaller 5 gallon or 3 gallon sizes if you have fewer than that.


  • Durable (we've been using ours for 7 years and they're still in great condition)
  • Rust-proof (entirely made of plastic)
  • Dent proof
  • Water won't take on metallic taste


  • The top can be difficult for children or people with wrist problems or arthritis to screw on tightly enough to create a vacuum, and to open. 
  • Seven gallons of water gets very heavy (56 pounds).
  • After several years of use, the small black cap used for filling may break, although you can contact the manufacturer for a free replacement.
If you are worried about the top, consider our five gallon 4-H Easy Fill Drinker. It's a breeze and folks love it, and it's comparable in price to our other five gallon waterers. While it's a newer product and we can't attest to the long-term durability, there's nothing about the design or quality that concerns us.

If you have 20+ chickens, you might consider our fully automatic poultry founting, which hooks right up to a hose.

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