Natural Chicken Care Kit (Save big!)

Healthy Chicken Care Kit, basket not included
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This "Care Package" for chickens includes some of our most helpful and popular natural supplements for your flock. If you have a chicken lover in your life, this makes a great gift. We've done all the research for you!

And if you ARE a chicken lover, keep in mind that when you buy this package, you'll save more than $16 over the cost of buying these items separately!

This Chicken Care Package include:
  • RopaPoultry, 250 ml: A blend of essential oils used to fight bacteria, fungi, and parasites
  • Chick Flic: A naturally-derived, ammonia "zapper" that will help keep your coop smelling fresh and clean
  • WormGuard: Probiotics and organic poultry wormer. (No egg withdrawal needed!)
  • Seabuck 7: Sea buckthorn supplement to increase the Omegas in your eggs
  • Diatomaceous Earth, 1 lb: A natural supplement to use in your dusting areas, to help reduce external parasites
  • Agaricus Bio: A special mushroom extract you add to water proven to increase immune response in chickens
* Please note, the basket pictured is not included with your purchase.