Browbeaten Biddy Care Kit (Save big!)

Browbeaten Biddy Kit (basket not included)
Green Goo herbal wound salve
Hot Pick spray, 4 oz
Pink Feather Protector
Poultry Wound Spray
Feeding Syringe
Chunky Chicken Caviar
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This "Care Package" for chickens will help that poor, picked-on hen in your flock! We've included all the products she'll need to recover and heal. And know that when you buy this package, you'll save $10over the cost of buying these items separately!

This Chicken Care Package includes:

  • Poultry Wound spray, 16 oz: an antiseptic to apply directly to wounds
  • Green Goo herbal wound salve, 1 oz: to apply after the Wound Spray, to encourage your hen's wounds to heal as quickly as possible
  • Pampered Poultry Feather Guard: a saddle to cover your hen's back so she can heal without being picked on
  • Hot Pick Spray, 4 oz: to apply to your hen's back once wounds are healed, after you remove the feather guard, to discourage further bad behavior by other hens in the flock
  • Feeding syringe: to hand-feed your weakened biddy, if necessary
  • Chunky Chicken Caviar, 11 oz: MPC's own line of treat, loaded with healthy fats, insects, kelp, spirulina and more, to help that browbeaten biddy bounce back!
Please use the drop down menu to select a size for the Feather guard.

Small - Sized for most bantam chickens. Breastbone to tail: 6-10". Typically the best size for Adult Bantams or Small Standard Chickens.

Medium - Sized for most egg layers. Breastbone to tail: 7-12" Typically the best size for average size Standard Chickens

Large - Sized for large breeds and roosters. Breastbone to tail: 8-14" Typically the best size for your larger breeds.

If the size you order doesn't fit your bird, let us know!  We'll exchange it for you!

**Refunds will be offered for unused saddles only.

* Please note, the basket pictured is not included with your purchase.

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