Xenodine® Antiseptic, 12oz spray bottle

12 oz spray bottle
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This all-natural, non-toxic antiseptic is great to have on-hand in case one of your chickens is attacked by a predator. Its non-irritating, non-staining formula aids in wound healing and the prevention of topical, bacterial, and fungal infections in wounds, cuts and abrasions. This third generation iodine solution is 3 times as active as povidone iodine. Penetrates into the application site to continue fighting infection, so frequent application is unnecessary. Will not stain skin or clothes.
  • Can be used on poultry, horses, dogs, and other farm animals as well.
  • Does not sting upon application.
  • Low dermal toxicity - does not irritate skin and eyes.
  • Slight discoloration of skin or hair disappears within 5 minutes
  • Unlike other iodines which simply lay on the surface, Xenodine actually penetrates the skin
  • Adheres longer - frequent reapplication is unnecessary

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