Craftsman Coop (12-15 chickens)

The Craftsman Coop - w/siding
The Craftsman Coop
The Craftsman Coop
Back Ventilation Slot
Popular Combo: Tan Siding, Clay Trim, Weather Roof
The "4 wheels" option
Add 4 wheels and a pull handle!
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See why the Craftsman Coop is our best-selling large coop! Its sturdy, Amish design is built to last for years, and the highly customizable design allows you the features you want, including electrical hook-up with an outlet and a light, wheels to turn it into a "tractor", special features to make cleaning a breeze, a dusk and dawn-sending automatic door, and a great variety of color and material choices. We love this coop and we love supporting American-made goods. See below for more details! 

This coop is made to order. Please allow up to 6 weeks to receive your coop.

Tractors are an option for assembled coops only.

While we make every effort to ensure the product you purchase meets your expectations, the actual product may differ slightly from images and renderings shown due to enhancements and/or modifications made at the discretion of the manufacturer.

Product Features:

Coop Dimensions

6'-4" wide x 5'-4" deep x 6'-8"high at peak; depth includes the 1'-4"deep nest boxes. The roof depth is 5'-9" front to back. The coop is raised 14" above the ground. The 'people' door is 1'-8"wide x 4'-4"high.

Interior Features & Options

Hey, chicken addicts! Did you outgrow that eenie-weenie coop you started with last year? With 24 square feet of space not including the next boxes, this coop is one you can grow with!

  • Six nest boxes provide ample egg-laying space. A latch on the outside of the coop holds the next box lid open for easy collection
  • 54" x 6" screened ventilation door provides cross-ventilation for the warm weather. Closes securely for draft protection in the winter.
  • Two double-hung windows in front with screens and 1" x 1" vinyl-coated steel screen bolted over it to keep predators out. Each window is 18" x 22". See the windows close-up
  • New feature! Two bars positioned for optimal roosting at night.
  • Entire coop floor made of epoxy, and is super-easy to clean and will not mold, mildew, rot or corrode!
  • Plenty of room to hang feeders and waterers from ceiling
  • Order the electrical package and get a light fixture for up to a 100 watt bulb, an inside-mounted switch/outlet combo, and a 50' outside extension cord.
  • See a close-up    See another view of the interior

Exterior Features & Options

Like the look of natural wood? Or do you want your coop to match your house's color scheme? We'll customize The Craftsman for you. Most options come at no additional cost!

  • "Natural Finish" uses pine board & batten with a clear stain and an attractive green metal roof.
  • "Sided" version uses Duratemp plywood siding surfaced with tempered hardwood to last for years, which we will paint or stain for you (color options below), and 3-tab asphalt shingles on the roof, your choice of color.
    See the sided version close-up
  • Pressure-treated lumber on legs and base prevent rot. See legs
  • Main door to coop includes a lockable door handle with key
  • The small door for letting your flock outside comes with a ramp and two metal latches to keep the door tightly closed or secured in the "open" position
  • Your flock will love the space underneath the coop for protection against the elements
  • "Dawn-to-Dusk" automatic chicken door and battery. This little door automatically opens every morning at dawn, letting the flock out to roam, and shuts again at dusk, keeping them safe from opportunistic nighttime predators. This investment will save you heartache and hassle!
  • Tractorize it! Add a powder-coated metal wagon chassis, plus a handle and four pneumatic tires. The front wheels swivel for easy maneuverability. You can choose this option in the "Coop Placement" menu above--just keep in mind that this unit takes the place of the fixed pressure treated wood legs.
  • Please keep in mind that this coop, like every coop we sell at My Pet Chicken, is NOT intended for full-time confinement. You will need to provide an outdoor run area in which your hens can spend most of their time--or allow them to free range.

Order the "Kit" and Save!

The Amish design team carefully crafted this coop not only to be incredibly efficient with materials and use of space, but also to ship as a knocked-down kit for a $200 savings! This option is especially good for those of you who want to place your coop in a location that would be inconvenient for our delivery truck to access.

The Kit Comes 80% Assembled...

...And there is no drilling or sawing required! Just bring a friend, and carve out 2-4 hours. This isn't like one of those build-it-yourself pieces of furniture that come in 200 parts: there are just 35 pieces* to put together, and roof shingles to attach. Your buddy can hold the pieces while you screw them together. No carpentry experience needed. Just make sure to have a hammer, Phillips head screwdriver, and a tape measure. A step-by-step instruction manual, complete with photos, is included!

Extras you can't purchase with the kit include:

The Metal Roof and the Electrical package. (If you want these options, you've got to purchase the fully assembled version.)

What to know about shipping

Whether you decide on the Kit or the Assembled version, your coop will arrive within 2-5 weeks. (If you need it rushed, let us know, and we'll try to help.) Delivery is more for the western half of the country than the eastern half. See the chart

Curb side delivery is included. Please make sure one able-bodied adult will be present to help our crew with placement. You'll be responsible for positioning it in your yard or field, or for $200 extra we can place the coop exactly where you want it. We will bring a smaller truck and drive right into your yard, so if you want this option you'll need a ten-foot opening for us to get through. Please choose "in yard" from the "Coop Placement" menu above.

Please note: we do not have a storefront and orders cannot be picked up from our location. We can only ship within the United States. Shipment of chicken coops is limited to the 48 contiguous states and not Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the other U.S. territories.


Once this coop or coop kit has left our warehouse, there will be no cancellations due to the high cost of shipping. Feel free to call us with your questions before you purchase so you're absolutely sure!

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