"Henbag" chicken purse, yellow

The famous Henbag!
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Have you heard about the chicken purse that's causing a ruckus amongst fashionistas? This is it! Just google "hen bag" or "chicken purse" and see for yourself. Blog posts and opinions abound. One thing's for sure: it makes a statement!

We first heard about this bag when a friend called to say she'd been to a wedding the night before, and one of the guests was carrying a crazy rubber chicken purse that people couldn't stop talking about all night. We searched for the manufacturer immediately, and when we finally found them, they said this is one of their top 5 best sellers amongst thousands of items.

14" long (beak to tail) by 10" high, not including the handles. Extends to 10" wide when fully stuffed. Similar in size and shape to a bowling bag. Exterior made of rubber, with nylon handles and liner. One pocket on the inside. Compare with prices of $29-$39 elsewhere.

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