Heavy Duty Egg Basket

Large green metal egg basket
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Okay, okay. It's a golf bucket. We admit it. Why are we selling a golf bucket? Because all of the "real" egg baskets we've found are TOO BIG! They carry 5-7 dozen eggs. Seriously, you're not an egg farmer, are you? We recently polled our customers, and over 85% of you have 25 chickens or fewer. This golf bucket is just like other egg baskets, but holds 24-28 eggs, which is more than enough for most of you. It's super sturdy and strong, with a dark green vinyl coating that helps prevent breakage. Also: it's a lot less expensive than similar-sized baskets you'll find elsewhere.

Approximate dimensions: 6" tall, not including the handle, by 4" wide at the bottom and 7.5" wide at the top

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