"The Saltbox" Coop with Run.

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Product Features:

Designed for up to 4 chickens

With plenty of roosting and nesting space, you can happily house up to four standard-size chickens, or up to six bantams. Keep in mind this coop, like every coop we sell at My Pet Chicken, is NOT intended for full-time confinement. The run is convenient when you can't let your flock roam freely, but make sure your flock has several hours per day outside.

Versatile! Use as starter coop, hospital, or broody house

We love this model for first-timers because it offers inexpensive entree into the hobby. If you're like most of our customers, you'll double or triple your flock within a few years, and you'll end up having to build or buy a larger coop - but you'll love having this one on hand. Whether you use it to isolate an injured or sick bird, to give a broody hen the space to hatch her own babies, or to transition new juvenile chicks to life "outdoors" while protecting them from your established flock, you'll always be glad to have it around!

Designed for happy owners...

Features include: easy nesting box access, doors in all the right places, a slide-out droppings tray lined with metal, and a convenient "chicken door" that slides open from the outside to get your flock from the house to the run.

...And happy chickens

Features include: rounded-edge roosting poles, two nesting boxes, a ramp for entering and exiting the run, a plexiglass window, and a covered run area for protection from the elements.

Predator protection

With smart, predator-proof latches on all three doors and 1/2" x 1/2" galvanized hardware cloth on the sides of the run, this coop is safe from predators. Just close the handy sliding door from the coop to the run at dusk to prevent burrowing predators from gaining access. Or, attach your own hardware cloth to the bottom so you don't have to worry about closing the door at night!


Exterior dimensions: 7'4" wide x 31" deep x 3'11" tall at peak
Interior dimensions, house: 28" wide x 23.5" deep x 30" tall
Interior dimensions, nest box: 14" wide x 24" deep x 13.5" at highest
Run dimensions: 3' wide x 23" deep (main run) plus 29" wide x 23" deep x 14" high under the house

Shipping Notes

Your coop will ship via freight, with lift gate service. Someone must be present to sign for the coop at the time of arrival, and we will provide the freight company with your phone number in order to schedule the best delivery time. Coop will be placed on your driveway. Allow 1-2 weeks for arrival. The coop comes in two separate boxes, the largest of which is approximately 64" x 30" x 5". One package weighs 45 pounds and the other weighs 65 pounds. Please note we can NOT ship this product to Hawaii or Alaska.

The most inexpensive shipping option is to select "to nearest freight terminal". You'll need a station wagon, SUV or pick-up truck to retrieve your coop. If you're in a major metropolitan area your local terminal will likely be in your city; if you're in a suburban area or smaller city, expect it to be within 20 miles, and if you're remote, expect it to be 50+ miles away. To find out for sure contact us.

Assembly Notes

All you need is a screwdriver! All the hardware is included, and the holes are pre-drilled. With two people, allow approximately a half hour; with just one, allow 45 minutes. Assembly instructions: Page 1, Page 2

Once you construct the coop, we recommend you let it "air out" for a week before moving your chickens in. The non-toxic wood sealer used emits a strong odor that disappears over time.

Returns & Cancellations

If you cancel your order before the coop leaves our warehouse, we'll refund you all but a $5 cancellation fee. If you'd like to cancel your order after it has left the warehouse, or return it once it has arrived to you, you'll be responsible for shipping costs both ways, in addition to a 15% restock fee that will be assessed and withheld from the refund.

If your coop arrives damaged, please report those damages to us within 48 hours, and send pictures so we can best determine next steps.

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