Barn Odor Destroyer and Manure Digester 1 liter

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Does your coop have that not-so-fresh smell going on?  To eliminate odor in your coop, best practice is to keep your coop clean with fresh bedding. But to reduce how often you need to refresh bedding, this is a fabulous product: safe and effective to use around your flock when used as directed. Manufacturer states this is non-toxic, biodegradable and environmentally friendly, made from natural enzymes from plants, trace minerals and water enhancing agents.

This one liter bottle of concentrate uses enzymes to break apart and absorb proteins, carbohydrates and fats that cause odor. It acts quickly and remains effective against foul odor--or is that "fowl" odor?--for long periods. Ammonia, nitrogen and sulfur odors are eliminated immediately upon application.

Odor Control     Dilution
Severe Odor        8-12 oz. : 1gallon
Average Odor     4-8 oz. : 1 gallon
Light Odor          1-2 oz. : 1 gallon

For best results, on first application always use the application rate for severe odors, then weekly the application rate for light odor control should be sufficient.
Safe for use on all surfaces: cement, wood, plastic gravel and dirt.

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