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The Eglu Go is the new and improved famous "all in one" urban-chic chicken coop from the UK, and we're proud to represent it! Made of durable plastic, the Eglu Go is proven predator-proof, and this model comes with water and feed containers, and even egg cartons, and an attached run, if you choose! Sized for up to 2-3 standard or 3-4 bantam chickens.  Ground Shipping is between $45 and $130, depending on your location and whether you've chosen a run.

Product Features:

A secure wire run

especially designed to keeep out predators such as foxes and raccoons. The Eglu Go run has been redesigned to allow for the door to be located at the end or side of the run. Learn more about the run

A run shade:

the perfect gentleman protecting your chickens from wind and rain, and sun. Watch how it's attached

Feed and water containers

colorfully named "Glug" and "Grub"! Created to clip on to the Eglu run, these food and water containders are both easy on the eye and practical. They're even dishwasher safe! The covered design of the Grub prevents food from being spolied by the rain as well as minimizing wastage. The Grub will keeep 2 chickens fed for 4 days and the Glug holds a half a gallon. Watch how they work

10 free egg cartons.

You will soon find that your home-grown eggs are in high demand from friends and family. Make giving them even more special with your own egg cartons.

The Omlet quide to keeping chickens.

Written by the UK-based geniuses behind the creation of the Eglu, the Omlet guide is packed with straightforward tips invaluable for the beginner and advanced user alike!

Plus, a 28-day money-back guarantee!

If for any reason you are note entirely satisfied with the Eglu or your hens, you can send it back to us for a full refund, less cost of shipping, both ways.

Eglu Go Dimensions:

Exterior coop dimensions: 31" wide x 29.5" deep x 25" high at front, 23" high at back, weighs 43 lbs. Run dimensions: Approximately 72" long x 31" wide at Go and 36" wide at end, weighs 31 lbs.

2 "Gingernut Ranger" Hens (optional).

You couldn't wish for a more trusty companion in your yard. With their beautiful russet red feathers, inquisitive nature and reliable egg laying, Gingernut Rangers are the perfect pet. Plus, they're fully vaccinated and guaranteed to reach you in perfect health. More important info