Original ForageCake Supplement (Chickens only)

Original ForageCake 13oz
Original ForageCake 2.5lb
Original ForageCake 2.5lb
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Farmer's Helper Original ForageCakes (2.5 pounds) are a great supplement for your chickens aged eight weeks and up. They are a high-protein supplement intended to provide stimulation and to help produce more solid, manageable droppings with reduced odors.

Bonus: research has shown these sorts of treats can help reduce the risk of salmonella contamination in your flock!

Younger chicks may eat the Original ForageCakes, too, but unless they have a momma hen to help them peck, it may be too difficult for young baby chicks to free cranberries, seeds and other treats from these hard cakes. For young chicks, consider instead the softer BabyCakes designed for young chicks and found in the related products below.

These original ForageCakes are highly recommended by our testers. The cakes can reduce behavioral problems associated with boredom, including picking and egg eating. This is especially nice in the winter, when your flock's regular foraging areas may be covered with snow or otherwise inaccessible. Your chickens still want to forage, even when the weather doesn't cooperate, so these Forage Cakes help your flock fulfill that instinct in a healthy way.

Ingredients promote digestive health with probiotics, important amino acids, vitamin E and additional Omega-3s.  They are not a complete ration, so be sure to offer this in conjunction with your flock's regular feed! Place in a secure "no-tip" feed tray off the ground and away from moisture.

Guaranteed Analysis:
Protein (min): 17%
Fat (min):  6%
Fiber (max):  7%
Moisture (max):  12%

Ingredients:  Proso millet, cracked corn, UltraKibble (corn gluten meal, corn, soybean meal, linseed meal, catfish meal, dicalcium phosphate, crustacean meal, yeast culture, dried vegetables, vitamin premix, salt (NaCl), choline, chloride, cinnamon and assorted spices, DE, Primalac, lysine, selenium), oats, gelatin, corn syrup, dried cranberries, black sunflower seeds, zeolite, vegetable pomace, vitamin supplement.
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