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Incredible deal! Get three of our Saltbox, Foursquare, or Bungalow chicken coops--or mix and match--for just $999. Or, add a Clubhouse for $20 more per coop. "To your door" shipping is included in the price!  Please note:  The available 'Run' only works with the "Bungalow" coop.

The normal price for this value is $1,467 or more.
Bungalow normal price: $489 (Sold out)
Foursquare normal price: $499
Saltbox normal price: $549

If you like our new Bungalow chicken coop, you might also like the optional runs that securely attach to them, and you can purchase up to six with this package. Learn more about our new Bungalow here.

Excellent for newcomers to the chicken-keeping hobby who want to test the waters with a small flock, these coops have also been used by our customers for:
  • Safely introducing new birds to the flock (by free-ranging birds from another coop and this coop together, pecking order will be established without drama)
  • A quarantine for ill / injured birds
  • Housing for breeding trios
  • Giving broody mamas a peaceful place to hatch and raise their chicks.

Assembly: These coops are a cinch to put together. Allow about an hour per coop, or half an hour per coop if you've got two people. Hardware and assembly instructions are included.

Learn more about:

The Saltbox
The Foursquare
The Clubhouse
The Bungalow

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