Lixit Chicken Food/Water Fount (2 sizes)

128 oz size
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Discontinued 6/1/17

We love this clever design! Made in the USA, this "reversible" food and water fount is not only attractive, but it's inexpensive and utilitarian, made from a weather-resistant plastic. Flip the base one way, and you've got a feeder; flip it upside down, and you've got a waterer! Use it for baby chicks or a small flock of "grown ups" (although you should raise it up about 8" for the bigger chickens, to keep them from messing it. 

64 oz size: holds 3 pounds of feed or 64 oz (a half gallon) of water, and is 7.75" high x 10" diameter
128 oz size: holds 6 pounds of feed or 128 oz (a gallon) of water, and is 11.5" high x 10" diameter

This unit is not intended for baby chicks, as the water tray is large and deep enough for them to drown.

All Lixit products are Bisphenol A (BPA) free.

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