Wide Mouth Water Bottle (two sizes)

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Hidden 5/4/16

Sure, this is a rabbit waterer.  But what easier way to supply water to a small flock of chickens in a small coop?  Easy to clean and fill, 56° wide-mouth bottle. Non-rotating oval ball flow control works as a piston pump, giving better water flow, improved closure and reduced dripping. And the best part is that the water doesn't get dirty! No bedding kicked in; no dirty beaks muddying it. Just clean and easy.

  • Make sure your bottle waterer is at a level that all members of your flock can reach.
  • If your birds have never used a bottle waterer before, make sure each chicken is introduced to the waterer and how it works. Watch to be sure everyone is using the new waterer before removing regular dish or fountain type waterers.
This waterer is not recommended for shipped chicks until after they have had a few days to recover in their brooder, as there is a learning curve with this type of drinker.

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