Push-It Coop (3-5 Chickens)

Push-It Tractor Coop
Push-It Tractor Coop
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Push-It Tractor Coop
Push-It Tractor Coop
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Push-It Tractor Coop
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Push-It Tractor Coop w/Run
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New! A cute, compact, Amish-made coop with wheelbarrow handles make it easy to move around your backyard! Comfortably houses 3-5 chickens and offers plenty of natural sunlight for them through the 11” x 11” fixed window and predator-proof vent.

This coop is made to order. Please allow up to 6 weeks to receive your coop.

* Please note: we do not have a storefront and orders cannot be picked up from our location. Also, we can only ship within the United States.  Shipment of chicken coops is limited to the 48 contiguous states but not Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the other U.S. territories.

Product Features:

Easy to move tractor for small, free range flock

This charming coop is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to easily move their flock's residence around to different locations in the yard. Just lift with the wheelbarrow-style handles, and roll it to a new site! You won't need to worry about any particular area of your yard being worn down when it's this easy to rotate the coop location. With a 2'x4' wooden roost bar, three nest boxes, ample floor space, and great ventilation, your flock will be enjoy their cozy cottage!. Exterior dimensions:

  • 4' 3" high from bottom of wheels to top of highest point on roof
  • 3' 2" from bottom of coop to roof peak
  • 4' 2" wide, not including the nest box, which is 12" wide
  • 3' 10" deep


Proper ventilation is one of the most important considerations in a coop, because chickens have very sensitive respiratory systems. The Push-It does not disappoint in this regard, with a hinged and screened (vinyl-coated mesh) vent window on the back wall of the coop. When the weather is warm, open it, along with the front door to give the chickens access in and out of the coop, and the resulting cross-ventilation will keep the coop cooler with fresh air. All doors and the rear vent latch securely shut, so you can rest easy at night and during wet or cold weather, knowing that your sweet birds will be safe!

Egg collection

Egg collection is a breeze, with a 24" x 32" latched hinged door above the three nest boxes, which are situated on the same side of the coop as the wheelbarrow-style handles. You can also prop this open as a vent on hot days, to increase ventilation in the coop. It latches securely at night and during inclement weather.

Access & Convenience

Sunshine is a great sanitizer, and helps to promote a healthy coop. The 11" x 11" fixed window lets those rays shine into the coop - your flock will especially appreciate this on sunny winter days! There is a large 19" x 20" door which allows convenient access for the inside of the coop, so you won't lack for light, or a good reach, when you are cleaning it out. Speaking of cleaning...

...Check out the standard Glasboard floor! Glasboard is a durable, flexible building material that won't rot, mildew, mold, or corrode. Ten times easier to clean than other similar materials, it also features six times the stain resistance, and double the abrasion resistance. These are all very important considerations when dealing with chickens (with their clawed feet and propensity for poop.)

If you'd like even more ease in cleaning, consider the "Cleaner Coop Cage" upgrade. The roost bars in your coop will be enclosed in vinyl coated wire mesh - creating a "cage" where the chicken droppings will collect during roosting. Keeping the droppings contained reduces contamination of their food and water inside the coop, not to mention, helps to reduce messy chicken feet! The bars of the roost are above the cage, so your chickens will be quite comfortable. Because the mesh is vinyl coated, it's easy to clean up, it won't rust, and there are no sharp edges to cause injury to your birds. An additional hinged, latching panel is added to the rear wall of the coop, behind the roosting "cage," that allows you to access the Glasboard covered wood tray that is the "floor" of that cage. Simply remove the tray, and shake, sweep, scrub, or hose it off. Or add it to your compost pile!

We'll customize your coop for free!

Leave your coop unpainted, or choose your own paint and shingle color at no additional cost! (Unpainted coops are stained as shown to bring out the natural beauty of the wood and protect from the elements.) See options

Pimp this ride!

If only the best is good enough for your babies, consider these options, available for selection in the pull-down menus at the top of the page:

  • An attractive metal roof in one of three colors (red, green, burnished slate) for $50 extra.
  • Add an electrical package, including a light fixture with a 100-watt light bulb, a light switch/outlet combo, and 50' extension cord, for $195; add a second double outlet for $65 more.
  • Add a "Glasbord" floor for super-easy cleaning and durability for $50 (highly recommended, since chicken poo can really stick to the plywood floor that comes standard with this coop)

Quality Amish construction. Really.

These coops are made by the hard working, detail-oriented Pennsylvania Amish. We've been to the construction site and seen it first-hand. Your coop will hold up against the elements stand the test of time.

  • Solidly constructed with quality materials
  • Pressure-treated wood legs will last for years, and the space underneath the coop will protect your flock in inclement weather.
  • 3-tab asphalt shingle roof over plywood protects from the elements and provides sound insulation

(The only question is: are you REALLY going to be happy with just 6-8 chickens? If not, for $300 more, consider the larger Craftsman Coop that houses up to 15 chickens, built by the same team.)

What to know about shipping

The coop comes fully assembled and our driver will drop it off in your driveway! Delivery is $600 more for the western half of the U.S. See a chart

Please make sure one able-bodied adult will be present to help our delivery man with placement. You'll be responsible for positioning it in your yard or field, or for $200 extra we can place the coop exactly where you want it (due to the additional equipment and time involved). We will bring a smaller truck and drive right into your yard, so if you want this option you'll need a ten-foot opening for us to get through. Please choose "in yard" from the "Coop Placement" menu above.

NO CANCELLATIONS on this product once it has left our warehouse due to the high cost of shipping. Feel free to call us with your questions before you purchase so you're absolutely sure!