Chick Brooder Heat Lamp Stand

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Sale! For those of you who like to use an infrared lamp to heat your chicks, this brooder stand will make your setup safer and help you place that heat lamp in just the right place. This plastic stand is extremely durable and easy to clean. It breaks down for easy storage. An adjustable-height hanging chain allows for easy temperature control. A stand such as this one will reduce (but not completely eliminate) the chance of your heat lamp falling onto combustible material such as wood shavings or paper towels.

Remember there is always a risk of fire because coops and brooders are dusty places, and if the lamp is too close to the bedding--or if the stand is knocked over by a person or a pet--you could still have a fire. Please double and triple check to make sure your heat lamp is set safely and will not be disturbed by children or pets. 

For a safer chick heater, we recommend the Cozy Coop Heater, Sweeter Heater or Brinsea EcoGlow 50.

39" tall; and 14 1/2" base width

Brooder Lamp and Bulb Sold Separately!!

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