Worms & Harvest Flakes

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Your flock will love this treat, and it's nutritious, too! Full Crop Worms & Harvest Flakes provides key vitamins, minerals and amino acids that are all natural and organic.

Contains only these fine ingredients: flaked organic red wheat, organic rye, organic barley, organic sunflower seeds, organic white wheat, organic oats, organic triticale and dried mealworms.

Feed it to your flock by hand, mix it with food or sprinkle it on the ground. You can also try making it into a porridge by simmering in boiling water! Remove from heat, cool and serve at room temperature.

Ingredients: Contains Organic Rolled Oats, Organic Rye Flakes, Organic Wheat Flakes, Organic Barley Flakes, Dried Mealworms and Dried Kamut Flakes.

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