Solar Sipper - 1 quart

Solar Sipper
Solar Sipper
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Discontinued Jan 2015

Our durable, non-electric Solar Sipper is great for year round use.  Unlike open containers, the water is partially covered, to keep debris out.  The patented design insulates with built in air spaces to keep water cooler in the summer and warmer in winter.  In cold weather, it heats with a unique solar top design to deter winter ice.

Winter Use:  Simply fill with clean, clear water, place in winter sun and it remains ice free in sunlight up to 20 degrees F. 

No wires!  Uses no electricity!

Dimensions: 8 1/2" diameter, 3" tall.  4" diameter opening.

Holds 1 quart of water. 

In extreme temperatures, repeated water changes may be necessary. Sun exposure is necessary to melt or hinder ice.

Not recommended for any chicks or juvenile bantams due to the risk of drowning.

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