Chicken Breeds

Not sure which chicken breed is for you? Just looking for more information on the wonderful world of chickens? You've come to the right place! This list includes all of the chicken breeds recognized by the American Poultry Association (APA). Click on any breed name for full information. (We're still working on getting photos for all the breeds. If you have pics you'd like to share, please email us!)


AmeraucanaGood (3/wk)Light BlueYes

AnconaExcellent (5/wk)WhiteYes

AndalusianGood (3/wk)WhiteNo

Antwerp Belgian BantamFair (2/wk)Cream or TintedNo

Appenzeller SpitzhaubenGood (3/wk)WhiteYes

AraucanaGood (3/wk)Light BlueYes

AseelPoor (1/wk)Cream or TintedYes

AustralorpExcellent (5/wk)BrownYes

Ayam CemaniFair (2/wk)Cream or TintedYes

BarnevelderGood (3/wk)BrownYes

Belgian Bearded d'Uccle BantamFair (2/wk)Cream or TintedNo

Booted BantamFair (2/wk)Cream or TintedNo

BrahmaGood (3/wk)BrownYes

BuckeyeGood (3/wk)BrownYes

CampineGood (3/wk)WhiteYes

CatalanaVery Good (4/wk)Cream or TintedNo

ChanteclerVery Good (4/wk)BrownYes

CochinFair (2/wk)BrownYes

CornishPoor (1/wk)Light BrownYes

CrevecoeurGood (3/wk)WhiteYes

CubalayaVery Good (4/wk)Cream or TintedYes

Cuckoo BluebarExcellent (5/wk)Blue-GreenYes

DelawareVery Good (4/wk)BrownYes

DominiqueGood (3/wk)BrownYes

DorkingGood (3/wk)Cream or TintedYes

Dutch BantamFair (2/wk)Light BrownNo

Easter EggersVery Good (4/wk)Green/Blue/Pink/MultiYes

FavaucanaExcellent (5/wk)Sage GreenYes

FaverollesVery Good (4/wk)Light BrownYes

FayoumiFair (2/wk)Cream or TintedNo

Flowery Easter EggerExcellent (5/wk)Blue-GreenYes

HamburgVery Good (4/wk)WhiteYes

HollandGood (3/wk)WhiteYes

HoudanFair (2/wk)WhiteNo

Japanese BantamPoor (1/wk)Cream or TintedNo

JavaGood (3/wk)BrownYes

Jersey GiantGood (3/wk)BrownYes

La FlecheGood (3/wk)WhiteNo

LakenvelderGood (3/wk)Cream or TintedNo

LangshanGood (3/wk)BrownYes

LegbarVery Good (4/wk)Light BlueYes

Leghorn (Non-White)Good (3/wk)WhiteNo

Leghorn (White)Very Good (4/wk)WhiteYes

MalayPoor (1/wk)Light BrownNo

MaransGood (3/wk)ChocolateYes

MinorcaVery Good (4/wk)WhiteNo

Modern GamePoor (1/wk)WhiteNo

Naked Neck (Turken)Fair (2/wk)Light BrownYes

New Hampshire RedGood (3/wk)BrownYes

Old English GameFair (2/wk)Cream or TintedYes

Olive Egger - MPCGood (3/wk)Olive GreenYes

OrpingtonGood (3/wk)BrownYes

PenedesencaGood (3/wk)ChocolateNo

PhoenixPoor (1/wk)Cream or TintedNo

Plymouth RockVery Good (4/wk)BrownYes

PolishFair (2/wk)WhiteNo

RedcapGood (3/wk)WhiteYes

Rhode IslandExcellent (5/wk)BrownYes

Rosecomb BantamPoor (1/wk)Cream or TintedYes

Russian OrloffFair (2/wk)Light BrownYes

Sebright BantamPoor (1/wk)Cream or TintedNo

SeramaVery Good (4/wk)Cream or TintedYes

Sicilian ButtercupFair (2/wk)WhiteNo

Silked White Easter EggersGood (3/wk)Light BlueYes

Silkie BantamGood (3/wk)Cream or TintedYes

StarExcellent (5/wk)BrownYes

SultanPoor (1/wk)WhiteNo

SumatraPoor (1/wk)WhiteYes

Super Blue Egg LayerExcellent (5/wk)Light BlueYes

SussexVery Good (4/wk)Light BrownYes

WelsummerVery Good (4/wk)ChocolateYes

White Faced Black SpanishGood (3/wk)WhiteNo

WyandotteVery Good (4/wk)BrownYes

YokohamaPoor (1/wk)Cream or TintedNo